Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Visit http://www.wissup.blogspot.com for current information on the West Bend Library issue.

West Bend Alderman & LIBRARY BOARD MEMBER Dobberstein confirms his position against WBCFSL

West Bend 4th District Alderman, Nick Dobberstein, abused his position within his district and the West Bend community to lend influence to his personal convictions concerning the library policy requests we (now known as WBCFSL, West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries) submitted.

To date, we have not spoken with any library board members, nor has there been any direct communication of any type between us. The WBCFSL is currently awaiting acceptance within the agenda of the next board meeting. We have fairly complied with all of the library director's/library board's requests thus far.

Though we did not agree with the City Attorney, Mary Schanning, or Mr. Tyree, on the unilateral withdrawal of our original complaint, we have started the process over respectfully, as requested by both.

Yesterday, a constituent emailed Dobberstein with information about an oppositional petition they were circulating, asking for the information to be shared with others. Alderman Dobberstein forwarded the email to his constituents and others in his email address book, making his position public concerning the library issue requests.

Alderman Dobberstein's choice to petition against the WBCFSL while acting as library board member, and representative of the taxpayers, is completely malapropos. We feel this is a hindrance to any decision the library will be making concerning our group's requests for policy creation, an inappropriate misuse of his aldermanic position, and shameful behavior of a library board member, whom we had hoped would remain fair and impartial, acting as an advocate on behalf of the ALL citizens.

After notification of his biased and inappropriate actions by another constituent, it appears that Mr. Dobberstein has furthered his efforts to discredit our group's requests by sending out another email.Though he states this second email was being sent out of "fairness" to us, it was quite the opposite. In this second email, he accuses the WBCFSL of censorship and shares a controversial and oppositional link to a website where our group is personally attacked and ridiculed in a raunchy and crude manner. (see this email below)

Just over a week ago, on behalf of WBCFSL, we supplied Mr. Dobberstein with a copy of the full power point we shared with the community at the March 26th "town hall" meeting. We included our personal contact information and website address, which was not the website listed within his email. The website Mr. Dobberstein passes on out of "fairness" does not contain the link to the library petition (though we have added it as of last night due to this misinformation), nor does it have complete information about the library issue. It is not the website we gave to him.

Mr. Dobberstein has clearly taken his opinion on this matter to a new level.

His unprofessional behavior should be disappointing to his district constituents, and it is most certainly an embarrassment to the City of West Bend.

The WBCFSL requests his immediate removal from the library board.


From: "Nick Dobberstein" <nick.dobberstein@charter.net>To: Subject: Petition FollowupDate: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 16:31:45 -0500

A few days ago I forwarded to a few friends a resident's link to a site and petition against censoring, labeling, or re-categorizing materials at the West Bend Library.

Out of fairness, I'm writing now to share a link to a petition from the Marziarkas which calls for censoring, labeling, and re-categorizing of materials:


Here's an additional article about the topic if you are interested:


In addition, a couple blog sites speak to the issue as well:



Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Praise

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gay Marriage goes to WI Supreme Court at crux of elections

No surprise.

Wisconsin's high court asked to review gay marriage vote
Associated Press — 4/09/2009 11:36 am

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether the state's ban on gay marriage was properly put to voters.Political science instructor William McConkey claims the referendum illegally put two issues to voters at the same time. A Dane County judge dismissed the20case last year, and McConkey appealed to the District 4 Court of Appeals.That Madison-based court on Thursday asked the Supreme Court to take the case. The appeals court says the case presents several new legal issues that should be decided by the higher court.

St. Joe's Hospital did NOT give the baby to the wrong family

Though the newborn was erroneously given to the wrong mother BRIEFLY while in the hospital, the HEADLINE IN THE WEST BEND NEWS IS WRONG.

No babies were sent home with the wrong families.

St. Joseph's Hospital president, Michael Laird, stated "This morning our Public Relations Department received a call from Jill Badzinski, Managing Editor of the Daily News, alertng us to this major error. To correct this error, Ms. Badzinski assured our organization that the online version was already corrected on page A1 in tomorrow's edition.

We provided the newspaper with accurate information; however, during publication at the newspaper, the inaccurate headline was attached to the story."

West Bend School Board vacancy DEADLINE EXTENDED



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to qualified electors of West Bend Joint School District No. 1, Washington County, Wisconsin that a school board vacancy exists and an appointee will be named to serve from May 11, 2009 until the next general election in April 2010.

Any qualified elector desiring to be considered for this vacated position on the school board should submit the following:

1. Letter explaining their interest in being a member of the Board of Education,

2. A copy of their professional resume,

3. The answer to the following question:

The West Bend Joint School District is responsible for educating all of the students within our community well for their futures. How will you ensure that your decision-making is based on the best interest of all of the students we serve?

President, Board of Education, West Bend Joint School District #1
735 South Main Street
West Bend, Wisconsin 53095.

In an effort to expand the pool of candidates, the deadline for application has been extended to April 22, 2009, 4:00 p.m.

Interviews will be held April 27th from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

The new board candidate will be seated at the May 11th Board Meeting.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

26-minute video - Town Hall Meeting - Library Issue

WVCY "In Focus" was present at the West Bend Town Hall meeting of citizens held on March 26 concerning the library issue of sexually explicit books available to children.

The first portion of the show is a 26-minute clip of the last portion of the meeting. The second portion is informational and a call in show. Get a glimpse of what West Bend area citizens feel about the issue.

Click on the "older" program to the right.