Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Visit http://www.wissup.blogspot.com for current information on the West Bend Library issue.

West Bend Alderman & LIBRARY BOARD MEMBER Dobberstein confirms his position against WBCFSL

West Bend 4th District Alderman, Nick Dobberstein, abused his position within his district and the West Bend community to lend influence to his personal convictions concerning the library policy requests we (now known as WBCFSL, West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries) submitted.

To date, we have not spoken with any library board members, nor has there been any direct communication of any type between us. The WBCFSL is currently awaiting acceptance within the agenda of the next board meeting. We have fairly complied with all of the library director's/library board's requests thus far.

Though we did not agree with the City Attorney, Mary Schanning, or Mr. Tyree, on the unilateral withdrawal of our original complaint, we have started the process over respectfully, as requested by both.

Yesterday, a constituent emailed Dobberstein with information about an oppositional petition they were circulating, asking for the information to be shared with others. Alderman Dobberstein forwarded the email to his constituents and others in his email address book, making his position public concerning the library issue requests.

Alderman Dobberstein's choice to petition against the WBCFSL while acting as library board member, and representative of the taxpayers, is completely malapropos. We feel this is a hindrance to any decision the library will be making concerning our group's requests for policy creation, an inappropriate misuse of his aldermanic position, and shameful behavior of a library board member, whom we had hoped would remain fair and impartial, acting as an advocate on behalf of the ALL citizens.

After notification of his biased and inappropriate actions by another constituent, it appears that Mr. Dobberstein has furthered his efforts to discredit our group's requests by sending out another email.Though he states this second email was being sent out of "fairness" to us, it was quite the opposite. In this second email, he accuses the WBCFSL of censorship and shares a controversial and oppositional link to a website where our group is personally attacked and ridiculed in a raunchy and crude manner. (see this email below)

Just over a week ago, on behalf of WBCFSL, we supplied Mr. Dobberstein with a copy of the full power point we shared with the community at the March 26th "town hall" meeting. We included our personal contact information and website address, which was not the website listed within his email. The website Mr. Dobberstein passes on out of "fairness" does not contain the link to the library petition (though we have added it as of last night due to this misinformation), nor does it have complete information about the library issue. It is not the website we gave to him.

Mr. Dobberstein has clearly taken his opinion on this matter to a new level.

His unprofessional behavior should be disappointing to his district constituents, and it is most certainly an embarrassment to the City of West Bend.

The WBCFSL requests his immediate removal from the library board.


From: "Nick Dobberstein" <nick.dobberstein@charter.net>To: Subject: Petition FollowupDate: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 16:31:45 -0500

A few days ago I forwarded to a few friends a resident's link to a site and petition against censoring, labeling, or re-categorizing materials at the West Bend Library.

Out of fairness, I'm writing now to share a link to a petition from the Marziarkas which calls for censoring, labeling, and re-categorizing of materials:


Here's an additional article about the topic if you are interested:


In addition, a couple blog sites speak to the issue as well:



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Easter Praise

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gay Marriage goes to WI Supreme Court at crux of elections

No surprise.

Wisconsin's high court asked to review gay marriage vote
Associated Press — 4/09/2009 11:36 am

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether the state's ban on gay marriage was properly put to voters.Political science instructor William McConkey claims the referendum illegally put two issues to voters at the same time. A Dane County judge dismissed the20case last year, and McConkey appealed to the District 4 Court of Appeals.That Madison-based court on Thursday asked the Supreme Court to take the case. The appeals court says the case presents several new legal issues that should be decided by the higher court.

St. Joe's Hospital did NOT give the baby to the wrong family

Though the newborn was erroneously given to the wrong mother BRIEFLY while in the hospital, the HEADLINE IN THE WEST BEND NEWS IS WRONG.

No babies were sent home with the wrong families.

St. Joseph's Hospital president, Michael Laird, stated "This morning our Public Relations Department received a call from Jill Badzinski, Managing Editor of the Daily News, alertng us to this major error. To correct this error, Ms. Badzinski assured our organization that the online version was already corrected on page A1 in tomorrow's edition.

We provided the newspaper with accurate information; however, during publication at the newspaper, the inaccurate headline was attached to the story."

West Bend School Board vacancy DEADLINE EXTENDED



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to qualified electors of West Bend Joint School District No. 1, Washington County, Wisconsin that a school board vacancy exists and an appointee will be named to serve from May 11, 2009 until the next general election in April 2010.

Any qualified elector desiring to be considered for this vacated position on the school board should submit the following:

1. Letter explaining their interest in being a member of the Board of Education,

2. A copy of their professional resume,

3. The answer to the following question:

The West Bend Joint School District is responsible for educating all of the students within our community well for their futures. How will you ensure that your decision-making is based on the best interest of all of the students we serve?

President, Board of Education, West Bend Joint School District #1
735 South Main Street
West Bend, Wisconsin 53095.

In an effort to expand the pool of candidates, the deadline for application has been extended to April 22, 2009, 4:00 p.m.

Interviews will be held April 27th from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

The new board candidate will be seated at the May 11th Board Meeting.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

26-minute video - Town Hall Meeting - Library Issue

WVCY "In Focus" was present at the West Bend Town Hall meeting of citizens held on March 26 concerning the library issue of sexually explicit books available to children.

The first portion of the show is a 26-minute clip of the last portion of the meeting. The second portion is informational and a call in show. Get a glimpse of what West Bend area citizens feel about the issue.

Click on the "older" program to the right.


Washington County stands firm on conservative roots

I promised I'd make good on some commentary regarding the elections yesterday.

Let's just talk Washington County.

The solid conservative community we live in did exactly as I had predicted.

Predictions: Both ref’s will bite the dust - buh bye. Fernandez will surprise us with a superior lead over Dvers. Abrahamson will be purchasing plane tickets for a nice long permanent vacation. Cain will edge Grundahl with a small margin. Stepanski will stomp the other candidates.

Fernandez over Evers.

Rose Fernandez 13453 59.24%
Tony Evers 9226 40.63%

Koschnick over Abrahamson

Randy R. Koschnick 13461 58.23%
Shirley S Abrahamson 9642 41.71%

Cain over Grundahl

Steve Cain 7923 56.49%
John A. Grundahl 6048 43.12%

WB School Board:

Randall D. Stark 3973 23.80%
Kris Beaver 4737 28.38%
Carl W. Knepel 2600 15.58%
Tim Stepanski 5251 31.46%

REFERENDA: (Close, very close...)


YES 5632 47.13%
NO 6317 52.87%


YES 5971 50.31%
NO 5897 49.69%

Washington County is, has always been, known for it's very conservative stance. Though the state vote put Evers and Abrahamson on top, Washington County spoke loud and clear.

Putting Evers behind the driver's wheel of the DPI will give us more years of Libby Burmeister cloning. We can expect the public school systems to go head-first deeper into the liberal cesspool of life. Who endorsed Evers? Here are just a few...
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Wisconsin LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) PAC
  • Governor Jim Doyle
  • Senator Russ Feingold

That should say enough about Evers.

The referenda for the WB School District was pretty tight with Ques. #2. I thought that might happen as Badger could really use the TLC and we need to start "somewhere." Though I voted no on both, I am pretty content with the referenda turnout. The overall voice of West Bend on all the issues above backs what I have been saying over and over again:

We are a community that voted according to it's values; conservative, traditional, solid. We have spoken.

Citizen appeal - Dumpster anyone?

I know I blogged about this, but more helping hands are needed...

BJ & Company owned by Barb Justman, local hair salon, long-time business owner - heavily damaged by fire this week.

Has enough boxes for now. THANK YOU! :-)

Can anyone DONATE A DUMPSTER for a day so this business can get all the ruined stuff off of the front lawn on Main Street?

Biggest loss was wigs and hair care for cancer patients.....

LOTS OF VOLUNTEER HELP is needed to scrub products damaged with smoke to prepare for a "fire sale"...

Just for the record, I don't know this business owner personally.

OK, WEST BEND......you know what to do!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

West Bend Referendum going down, down, down

Unoff. FINAL RESULTS - West Bend 10:45 p.m.

West Bend School Bd Member

Kris Beaver 4737 28.38%
Carl W. Knepel 2600 15.58%
Tim Stepanski 5251 31.46%
Write-in Votes 129 0.77%

Municipal Judge

Steve Cain 7923 56.49%
John A. Grundahl 6048 43.12%

Referendum-1 West Bend School

YES 5632 47.13%
NO 6317 52.87%

Referendum-2 West Bend School

YES 5971 50.31%
NO 5897 49.69%


Statewide Wisconsin Wisconsin Public School Superintendent

Tony Evers 357,441 57%
Rose Fernandez 267,817 43%

Justice of the Supreme Court

Shirley Abrahamson 384,437 60%
Randy Koschnick 261,547 40%

Electioneering called on pro-referendum tribe in West Bend

Seems the police were called to District #5 because "pro" referendum electioneers were handing out literature with "VOTE FOR THE KIDS" on it.

I'll see what comes of this story.

UPDATE 4/11/09:
Individuals handing out the flyers were standing too close to the entrances to the polling stations, Reuteman said. “We had several calls.”
When informed the group’s treasurer also had to be named, the words “Chris Zwygert, Treasurer” were hand-written on the bottom of the flyers.


(2) (a) 1. No person may engage in electioneering during
polling hours on election day at a polling place.

12.035 Posting and distribution of election−related

(1) In this section, “election−related material” means
any written matter which describes, or purports to describe, the
rights or responsibilities of individuals voting or registering to
vote at a polling place or voting an absentee ballot at the office of
the municipal clerk or an alternate site under s. 6.855.

(2) The legislature finds that posting or distributing election−
related material at the polling place, at locations where absentee
ballots may be cast, or near the entrance to such locations when
voting is taking place may mislead and confuse electors about
their rights and responsibilities regarding the exercise of the franchise
and tends to disrupt the flow of voting activities at such locations.
The legislature finds that the restrictions imposed by this
section on the posting or distribution of election−related material
are necessary to protect the compelling governmental interest in
orderly and fair elections.
(3) (a) No person may post or distribute any election−related
material during polling hours on election day at a polling place.
(b) No person may post or distribute any election−related
material during polling hours on any public property on election
day within 100 feet of an entrance to a building containing a polling

(b) Whoever violates s. 12.03, 12.05, 12.07, 12.08 or 12.13 (2)
(b) 8., (3) (b), (c), (d), (g), (i), (n) to (x), (ze), (zm) or (zn) may be
fined not more than $1,000, or imprisoned not more than 6 months
or both.

Planned Parenthood reminds us who NOT to vote for...

Area Business Owner hit by Fire - Needs help of West Benders

Local hair salon owner, Barb Justman, had her business, BJ & COMPANY, heavily damaged by a major fire yesterday.

Another area business, CREATIVE CUT SALON, 530 Walnut Street, has graciously allowed Barb to temporarily MOVE HER BUSINESS while damage is assessed and repairs take place. BARB CONTINUES TO TAKE CALLS FOR BUSINESS from her home at 338-6009.

Here is a time for WEST BENDERS to lend a hand, and a community hug:

1. DROP BOXES OFF AT 446 S. Main so Barb can pack up equipment and move things out for cleanup (she hopes to reopen in one week).
2. Call her and offer to lend a hand with packing or ??? word of encouragement ?? or ???
3. Get the word out (blog, email, etc.).

West Bend, do your thing!


Get informed on the State Supreme Court race between Chief Justice Abrahamson and Judge Koschnick(click here for survey)


Get informed on the State Superintendent of Public Instruction race between Deputy Superintendent Tony Evers and challenger Rose Fernandez (click here for survey and endorsements)


Find out which races and candidates will be on your local ballot (click here to find out how)


See http://www.wbsbinfo.blogspot.com/

Determine which candidates align with your values on the pertinent issues (click here for ideas)

CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE: CAIN OR GRUNDAHL Click here for info about Cain or Click here for info about Grundahl



Monday, April 6, 2009


Curtsy to James Widgerson, GMToday

There are, of course, serious issues in the campaign. As an employee of the state Department of Public Instruction, Evers spearheaded the effort to close down Wisconsin’s virtual schools. Evers has not shown any independence from the teachers unions. Evers endorses the lifting of the state QEO even though it will cause an explosion in Wisconsin’s already high property taxes.

Fernandez has a plan to attack the education problems in the Milwaukee Public Schools, supports exploring alternatives to the public schools, supports rewarding good teachers with merit pay within the qualified economic offer framework and has received bipartisan political support from across every demographic and geographic line.

Washington County Polling Places - GET OUT THE VOTE

All polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.


Addison Town Hall, 127 First St., Allenton; 629-5420. Barton Town Hall, 3482 Town Hall Road; 334-2765. Erin Town Hall, 1846 Highway 83; 673-3682. Farmington Town Hall, 9422 Highway 144, Boltonville; 692-2377. Germantown, Rockfield School, N132 W18473 Rockfield Road; 628-1181. Hartford Town Hall, 3360 Highway K; 673-7214. Jackson Town Hall, 3146 Division Road; 677-4048. Kewaskum Town Hall, 9019 Kettle Moraine Drive; 626-2566. Polk Town Hall, 3680 Highway 60, Slinger; 677-2123. Trenton Town Hall, 1071 Highway 33 East; 675-6009. Wayne Town Hall, 6030 Highway H, 626-4818. vWest Bend Town Hall, 6355 Highway Z, 338-3417.


Germantown District 1, Bethlehem Ev. Lutheran School, N108 W14290 Bel Aire Lane; 250-4740; District 2, Germantown American Legion Post No.1, N120 W15932 Freistadt Road; 250-4740; District 3, Stony Hills Presbyterian Church, N112 W17655 Mequon Road; 250-4740; District 4, First Alliance Church, W156 N10041 Pilgrim Road; 250-4740. Jackson Village Hall, N168 W20733 Main St.; 677-9001. Kewaskum Village Hall, 204 First St.; 626-8484. Newburg Village Hall, 614 Main S.; 675-2160. Richfield, Northbrook Church, 4014 STH 167, Richfield; 628-2260. Slinger Municipal Garage (behind library), 300 Slinger Road; 644-5265.


Hartford District 1, Hartford Parks & Recreation Department, 125 N. Rural St; 673-8201; District 2, City Hall Community Room, 109 N. Main, main floor; 673-8201; District 3, Library Conference Room, 109 N. Main, second floor; 673-8201.

West Bend District 1, Meadowbrook Manor, south entrance, 475 Meadowbrook Ave.; 335-5103; District 2, West Bend Community Memorial Library, 630 Poplar St.; 335-5103; District 3, First Baptist Church, 2300 S. Main St.; 335-5103 (note: This is a permanent change from when districts 3 and 4 both voted at City Hall); District 4, City Hall, 1115 S. Main St., Council Chambers; 335-5103; District 5, Washington County Public Agency Center, 333 E. Washington St.; 335-5103; District 6, Washington County Courthouse, 432 E. Washington St., room 2024; 335-5103; District 7, Moraine Park Technical College, AMTC Entrance, 2151 N. Main St.; 335-5103; District 8; Cedar Ridge Retirement Campus, 113 Cedar Ridge Drive; 335-5103.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

West Bend Library Board - A little FYI

An important note that concerns the people who serve on our library board.

1. To correct any myths out there..they are NOT elected. The people who serve on our library board are appointed by the mayor, Kristine Deiss. They were not appointed by THE CURRENT MAYOR, though they ARE ACCOUNTABLE to her.

2. Library board members serve a term of three years. http://www.ci.west-bend.wi.us/Departments/Mayor/CommitteesCommissions.htm

Consists of 9 members (3 year term) appointed by the Mayor. The Board shall have control of the expenditure of all monies collected, donated, or appropriated for the library fund and of the purchase of a site and the erection of a library building whenever authorized. The Board will audit expenditures of the public library.

Ald. Nick Dobberstein
Barbara Deters
Kathryn Engelbrecht, Chairman
Mary Reilly-Kliss
Patti Geidel
Tom Fitz
John R. Aynesworth
James Pouros

Updated 7/08

3. We do not view the library board as our adversaries. On the contrary, it is our hope that this current library board will be an ADVOCATE for the City of West Bend; that they will act as representatives of their community on behalf of the children/families who are library patrons.

West Bend Referendum - Exposed

Couldn't have said it better.... WB News

With family values and a fiscally conservative position, Tim Stepanski has my vote for School Board on April 7.

I’ll also vote against both referenda costing $87.8 million with the bond interest. I’m concerned about the accuracy of the district’s “information” sessions regarding the referenda.

During 2007, the district insisted Barton Elementary could not be expanded (untrue, since eight classrooms and hallways could be added to the north side.) Why? If you fell for that, they might justify converting Silverbrook Middle School into a new Barton and build a twin middle school, which the public hated.

The district said Barton’s lot was too small.

Barton has 6.85 acres with an enrollment of 379 students or 55.3 students per acre.

On Feb. 23, the board voted to buy 6.38 acres in Jackson for a new elementary. Joe Carlson said there are 3-plus acres next to it they might also be able to buy. Even if it’s 3.99 acres more, it’s a 10.37-acre lot for 650 students or 62.7 students per acre.

Per the district in 2007, Barton is too crowded at 55.3 students per acre, but now it's OK for a new Jackson with 62.7 students per acre. Unbelievable.

The district criticizes New Berlin, even though New Berlin addressed all facilities needs without referendums. Residents vote based on the total tax bill. The district alleges a low mill rate for our schools. What they don’t say is that five years ago, New Berlin was No. 2 in taxes in Waukesha County. Their School Board noticed and did something about it. Today, New Berlin is No. 12 in taxes in Waukesha County, but West Bend is No. 2 in taxes in Washington County.

Electing Tim Stepanski on April 7 and voting down two overpriced referendum questions are votes for fiscal responsibility.

Jodi Williams West Bend

I couldn't agree more with Jodi Williams. I attended the candidate forum and applaud Tim's BOLD AND COURAGEOUS stance against the referendum. This speaks VOLUMES for his future on a school board who, as we already can see, will oppose Tim's voice for the community. TIM LISTENS and HE IS NOT AFRAID.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Petition Signature Drive brought in droves of people...and signatures...

Beautiful day to be outside! Met lots and lots of folks! Great people in this community!
Someone brought us warm chocolate chip cookies....NICE! (Thank you!) Many offers from people to bring us food/drink, etc..... Some stayed to chat... Volunteers stood with families.. THAT is the community we know and love!
VFW crew were AMAZING! Great facility and super-nice gang! Thanks so much!
WBKV, what can we say? YOU ROCK! (in a "country" kind of way!)
So many brought stacks of completed sheets....HUNDREDS of signatures.... Some left and came back with pages after going through their neighborhoods. VERY ENCOURAGING! WOW!
WEST BEND CITIZENS - Your support today was an enormous statement of your love for the community's kids! WAY TO GO! (Don't stop now! Keep it coming!)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Signature "drive-thru" - West Bend Library Petition - SATURDAY 8 to 2

260 Sand Drive, West Bend
8 A.M. TO 2 P.M.

Area residents and other concerned citizens will be at the local VFW parking lot from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Parents, taxpayers and citizens who would like the West Bend Community Memorial Library to adopt a number of policies that protect children from easy access to sexually explicit materials will be able to "drive through" and sign a petition that will be presented to the library board. STUDENTS are encouraged to stop by and sign.



Get informed on the State Supreme Court race between Chief Justice Abrahamson and Judge Koschnick(click here for survey)


Get informed on the State Superintendent of Public Instruction race between Deputy Superintendent Tony Evers and challenger Rose Fernandez (click here for survey and endorsements)


Find out which races and candidates will be on your local ballot (click here to find out how)




See http://www.wbsbinfo.blogspot.com/

Determine which candidates align with your values on the pertinent issues (click here for ideas)

CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE: CAIN OR GRUNDAHL Click here for info about Cain or Click here for info about Grundahl


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Censorship? Or Selective Review?






See how labeling can bring about an opinion--this is verbal gymnastics.

Hope you see the point.

(Source: NMC)

Opposition just doesn't get it - Book "banning"? NOT

Saw the WB News today and noted two articles about the West Bend Library issue.

One librarian playing the "poor staff" card and trying to let the community know how they are "all" suffering greatly because of this issue and how there is not agenda to target children with inappropriate materials of any kind. She further went on to mention our book ban.

Another concerned citizen....again - mentioned our book ban.

::::sigh:::: They just DON'T GET IT.

Get the junk out of the kid's faces. How hard is this? And how can anyone possibly object? Go to previous posts and click on the links for a reality check for excerpts of what the kids currently have offered to them. It's disturbing.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Candidates Forum
Public Invited!
6 P.M.
1115 S. Main Street
West Bend

An opportunity to meet the candidates and listen to their views.
Email your questions in advance to info@wbachamber.org.

Candidates Invited are:

Mid Moraine Municipal Judge
John Grundahl (I)
Steven Cain

Common Council
Nick Dobberstein (I)
David Krochalk (I)
Neil Narveson (I)
Michael Schlotfeldt (I)
Roger Kist
Steve Hutchins

West Bend School Board
Kris Beaver
Carl Knepel
Randy Stark
Tim Stepanski

"Drive-Thru" Signature at VFW SATURDAY re: PORN in WB Library

260 Sand Drive, West Bend
8 A.M. TO 2 P.M.

THIS Saturday, area residents and other concerned citizens will be at the local VFW parking lot from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Parents, taxpayers and citizens who would like the West Bend Community Memorial Library to adopt a number of policies that protect children from easy access to sexually explicit materials will be able to "drive through" and sign a petition that will be presented to the library board.

Monday, March 30, 2009


5:30 TO 9 P.M.

Just drop in (we will be in one of the conference rooms with a sign on the door) and sign peacefully, then pick up a complaint form at the desk on your way out if you like!

We would like to get as many signatures as we can this week!
We will be hosting another drive from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the VFW Hall on Saturday.
More info to come!

This is a simple way to lend a community VOTE on this issue.

These are the requests on the petition:

1. Reclassification of Youth-Targeted Pornographic Books: We request that the Library Board adopt a policy to provide for the mandatory reclassification of any books in the youth sections of the West Bend Library (i.e., children's, young adult/YA Zone) that (a) are obscene, (b) child pornography, (c) appeals to a prurient interest in nudity, sex, or excretion; (d) depicts, describes, or represents, in a patently offensive way with respect to what is suitable for minors, an actual or simulated sexual act or sexual contact, actual or simulated normal or perverted sexual acts, or a lewd exhibition of the genitals; and that these books be reclassified to the
adult sections of the library.

2. Visual identification of explicit material: We request that the Library Board adopt a policy to provide for the labeling with a visible identification mark (similar to a RIAA or MPAA Parental Advisory warning) such materials targeted toward minors that (a) are obscene, (b) child pornography, (c) appeals to a prurient interest in nudity, sex, or excretion; (d) depicts, describes, or represents, in a patently offensive way with respect to what is suitable for minors, an actual or simulated sexual act or sexual contact, actual or simulated normal or perverted sexual acts, or a lewd exhibition of the genitals;

3. Restrict Access to Library-produced Sexual Content Online: We request that the Library Board adopt a policy that any content and/or books promoted on a Library website that (a) are obscene, (b) child pornography, (c) appeals to a prurient interest in nudity, sex, or excretion; (d) depicts, describes, or represents, in a patently offensive way with respect to what is suitable for minors, an actual or simulated sexual act or sexual contact, actual or simulated normal or perverted sexual acts, or a lewd exhibition of the genitals; be either (a) removed from the library website; or (b) restricted to adults eighteen years or older using library card numbers
or similar technology as is currently used for the library computers.

4. Balanced Literature on Controversial Issues: We request that the Library Board adopt a policy to attain balance in the viewpoints of selections (both affirming and opposing) that the libraries carry in issues sufficiently controversial within the West Bend community (i.e., homosexuality). Specifically, we request faith-based and/or ex-gay books affirming traditional heterosexual perspectives be added to the library. A list of suggested books is attached.

5. Children's Internet Protection: We request that the Library Board adopt a policy to protect minors consistent with the Children's Internet Protection Act (required for libraries receiving federal funds) to implement technology protection measures with respect to any of its computers with Internet access that protects against access through such computers to visual depictions that are obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

West Bend School Board Candidates Q&A HERE


West Bend Library Board - Talk to 'em

Here is some helpful info, if you'd like to air your thoughts.


Kathryn Engelbrecht, President
1107 Hazelwood Ct.
West Bend, WI 53095

Tom Fitz, Vice President
1517 N. 10th Ave.
West Bend, WI 53090

Maryjane Burdge, School District Representative
120 Upper Woodford Circle
West Bend, WI 53090

Mary Reilly-Kliss, Co-Secretary
903 Mulberry Dr. E.
West Bend, WI 53090

Barbara Deters, Co-Secretary
1402 Decorah Rd. W.
West Bend, WI 53095

Patti Geidel, Financial Secretary
1527 Ridgewood Dr.
West Bend, WI 53095

Ald. Nick Dobberstein
1319 S. Indiana Ave.
West Bend, WI 53095

John Aynesworth
660 E. Tamarack Dr.
West Bend, WI 53095

James Pouros
O'Meara Law Firm, LLP
P.O. Box 348
West Bend, WI 53095

Judge Randy Koschnick for Supreme Court

Widgerson writes about this here:

On April 7, Wisconsin voters will have a choice between two candidates for state Supreme Court, incumbent Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson and Judge Randy Koschnick.

Abrahamson is a left-wing activist. Bill Lueders of The Isthmus in Madison even calls her record “progressive.” The state teachers union, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, described Abrahamson as a consistent vote for their interests.


Of special interest to Waukesha voters, in 1995 Abrahamson was the lone vote against the law that keeps sexual predators behind bars if it’s determined they continue to be a threat to the public.

On other issues she likes to call them as she sees them, too, regardless of the laws created by the Legislature.

On school voucher programs, Abrahamson has been a reliable vote for the teachers unions, voting to strike the voucher programs down.

On medical malpractice, Abrahamson sided with the trial lawyers and voted to raise the caps, again contrary to the law and contrary to the public interest.


Her opponent is a conservative judge, a strict constructionist. He is opposed to usurping the power of the Legislature as a judge. Despite his personal preferences, Koschnick would be bound by the law provided it is constitutional and would not give in to any ideological whimsy.

Bill Lueders calls Koschnick, “knowledgeable, measured, personable and articulate.

“He’s a far better candidate than any of the last three victorious conservatives. And, more to the point, he’s a far better candidate than Shirley Abrahamson.”

More importantly, Koschnick has run the style of campaign recent court watchers have wished for. He stuck to the issues and Abrahamson’s record. He has not run a misleading ad campaign. He authored a clean campaign pledge, something Abrahamson refused to sign. He has even raised the issue of campaign contributions from lawyers appearing before the court, something good government types should be praising him for.

This was the campaign everyone wanted after the last two state Supreme Court elections. We have a clear choice, a debate on the issues, and one of the candidates (Koschnick) is not expecting outside interest groups to intervene.

We will see if the voters recognize the opportunity for rewarding Koschnick for his campaign on April 7.

Random book banning thoughts and more...

1) Book banning in the library is a myth and not at the door of school or public libraries. Banning begins at the door of the publishers. Publishers decide what will be printed and circulated on their publishers' book lists. Librarians simply buy what they want from the list. Since no library is exactly the same as another, all that occurs in any library is the choice in selection. Hence, censorship is a myth as the issue at hand is book selection and not banning.

2) When taxpayers' money is spent for library books/materials, taxpayers expect the best to be bought... They do not expect money to be spent on porn-laden reading material. Common decency demands such, as it is innate to all human beings.

3) Despite what is claimed, libraries do stand in "loco parentis " as do all other public entities serving children. We certainly expect the local park to take care of minors and watch out for them. To do otherwise is to neglect their duty to the taxpaying citizen. Staff is on hand to protect children from injury and assault, and not just let them play .

4)The public library has the same responsiblity to protect children from assault -- only in this case it is the assault of their mind as with porn-laden books like "Deal With It" or "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." When the state gives out driver's licenses, they have an obligation to protect us all on our streets and roads. The same is true with a child's library card, The library has an obligation to "Do No Harm" to young minds and emotions as they move around the library using their card as the right of passage to do so.

5) The issue in public libraries is not about parent rights. This pits one parent against another. The issue on hand is rather this important question: Is it right to sexualize children 11-12-13-14 years of age or younger and have taxpayer dollars subsidizing it?

Slinger school board "sees no evil" with teacher's terrorist assignment

Curtsy to Mark Belling:

And nearby in Slinger, the school board doesn’t want to do anything about a teacher who is assigning students to write papers that may include plots to commit terror. School officials tell me it’s an attempt to examine our vulnerabilities and why the terrorists hate us. I’ll teach the class in 12 seconds: They hate us because we’re not Muslims and our vulnerabilities start with all the terrorists Obama will let out of Guantanamo. Far be it from Slinger’s school board to dish out such common sense to the hack teaching his students how to think like jihadists.

Friday, March 27, 2009

West Bend Library Issue "Town Meeting"

I said I'd blog about the meeting later...and, well..it's later. So here it is.

I'd like to correct the WB News' recollection of the attendance. I helped set up the chairs. There were 40 to a rack and we used four racks of chairs and had the largest middle section of bleachers pulled out. The head count (yes, we actually asked someone to do that) was 137, which included media. The News said 50. I didn't get that, unless it was a typo.

We began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. (I'd like to make a side note here and then we'll get on with the issue at hand.) A gentleman in the bleachers refused to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance. He sat, kept his hat on, and refused. Just one guy. And he was one of those who spoke, too....so it kinda makes you wonder...does he really believe in the freedoms that others paid the price for him to enjoy? Anyway, I better not get started on that....

We briefly explained the steps we had taken, then asked anyone 18 and under to leave for the short, 15-minute Power Point we had put together with photos of excerpts from some of the books we had discussed with the library. At first, we were met with strong opposition from some teens who had come to share their feelings at the meeting (and were more than welcomed to). Oddly, we had an adult join in the objection, though we had made it very clear that the materials we were showing were sexually explicit. It was our meeting, and we felt we would be doing the very same thing that we were asking the library NOT to do if we allowed the youth to remain, so we asked for ID if kids were staying. Three young men respectfully showed ID. The few that were under 18 got up angrily and stormed out. I thanked them for respecting our request, and let them know that their viewpoints were important and we would appreciate their return once the Power Point was finished. (More on this later - and it's worth the read..so keep on).

We showed the Power Point that we had prepared with my husband (VERY uncomfortably) reading some of the excerpts out loud. The youth were invited back in to the meeting and we continued on...

I read some basic "rules of etiquette" for the meeting, i.e., no personal attacks, strong opinions are fine, but no foul language, etc. Most everyone played very, very fair. It was actually very interesting and should be done more often!

First speaker up is the lady that was on the front page of the WB News today. Now, this is a head scratcher. Christina (not sure of spelling) Smithers stood and did a radio interview with us at the cancelled board meeting stating her agreement with our position. Last night, she was shouting out about homosexuality and book banning. Oh well. We agreed that everyone would get three minutes, and she got hers.

We had a "non-heterosexual" youth (his words, not mine) stand up and give a passionate dissertation on his lifestyle, what gays endure and how gay kids need books like these, so please don't ban them.

Lots more homosexual speeches.

Then lots of Bible quoters.

More homosexual speeches.

More Bible quoters.

A couple people got it right.

A pastor from a local church addressed the crowd and got it back on track as to the "real" issue at hand. (glad someone "gets it")

A few other gentlemen dittoed the above further on in the meeting.

One lesbian woman (self-identified) said that she signed the petition in agreement, as she thought the materials in the books were much too graphic for children, and could not understand what all the ranting was about homosexuality. She was actually quite honest as to admitting that she had come prepared to defend her lifestyle, as she was "told" that this was what we were meeting about, only to find out that she actually agreed with our presentation and petition. (courageous and humble)

Two people that were especially profound representatives of their community were two life-long residents that spoke separately during the meeting; one was an 82-year-old gentleman, the other, an 80+ woman (not together). Each said that they had lived in West Bend all of their lives and would have never thought a discussion about materials such as these would be taking place, and how sad it made them, and how they could not understand why anyone would disagree. Not exact quotes there, but close enough.

A powerful testimony came from an area police officer who spoke at the end of the meeting. She testified as to the sad, difficult and terrible consequences she had seen in the lives of children who had been exposed to pornography. What was unfortunate is that the media had left half-way through the meeting (probably tired of the homosexual/Bible quote bantering, figuring that was all they were going to get). So that is what the media reported, and that is what the media played. Too bad.

My husband and I stood and patiently listened to each speaker. We did not comment. We did not rebut. This went on for about 2 hours or so.

When everyone had taken their turn at the mic, we took a last turn before closing the meeting.

I explained that this was not a meeting about homosexuality, book banning or book burning. It was about pornography, homosexual OR heterosexual, on shelves where kids had EASY access to. It was about RECLASSIFYING books and placing them in the ADULT section of the library. We gave the five requests below and explained them. We made sure that everyone was clear as to what we were going to present to the library after last night's meeting.

1. Reclassification of Youth-Targeted Pornographic Books into the adult section of the library.
2. Visual identification of explicit material with a parental advisory.
3. Restrict Library-generated Online Sexual Content.
4. Balanced Literature on Controversial Issues including homosexuality.
5. Children's Internet Protection – require the libraries to implement technology protection to protect minors from internet porn on public computers in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act.

Again, too bad the media did not stay. This is what took place after the meeting.

One of the youth that I mentioned above, who began the meeting with strong statements about homosexuality, in a very adult-like manner, came up to me, shook my hand and APOLOGIZED. He was very respectful and said that he had no idea that the meeting was about shifting the books with graphic sexual language in them to the adult side of the library and actually AGREED that much of the materials were probably not appropriate for children. We had quite a nice conversation actually. We talked a bit about why I had to ask him to leave for the Power Point, and he completely agreed we did the right thing. That was pretty humble, in my opinion.

Most of the crowd, from my own observation, had come to sign the petition and lend support, but not necessarily speak, as they already understood the issue and agreed.

We garnered 120 signatures. Considering there were 137 in the crowd, I'd say that is a pretty decent representation of the group that attended. Does it represent the entire WB community? Maybe. At least we offered the opportunity.

Like I said, we should do this more often. Perhaps next time, though, we could have it end with an ice cream social.

NOTE: I am sure some will be unhappy that I used the term "Bible Quoters", but my point is that there was dialogue that was OFF TOPIC going on for most of the meeting, back and forth, without ever really addressing the issue. We had asked that people present their opinion about the requests we were making, and the above persons used the mic to discuss things other than the requested opinion we were looking for. Not that anyone did something horribly wrong. It just didn't answer the question we were asking.

We closed the meeting in prayer. And everyone stayed for it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

WVCY segment on FOIA regarding library issue - grab the popcorn

...and this is how the librarians and city attorney converse about the people and community they represent. Very caring indeed.

In Focus 3/25/2009: Vic Eliason, FOIA, West Bend Library from Crosstalk America on Vimeo.

Porn in West Bend Library? Citizens say NO

This meeting was held tonight.

Owen blogged it. Here it is.

I'll blog more tomorrow. Just feeling drained and, quite frankly, I gotta work tomorrow.

Petition for a Child-safe, Family-Friendly Library

Thursday, March 26, 2009


WEST BEND, WI: Citizens in West Bend, and Washington County are signing petitions to request that the library board take a roll call vote to adopt policies to make the library child-safe and family-friendly. The petition includes 5 policies that the citizens want considered separately, and voted on separately for the public record.

“While much of this debate has focused on individual books, we want the library board to state on the record whether they believe that pornographic books should be in the youth sections of the library.” Ginny Maziarka said. “Filling out forms and arguing about whether or not a book meets some vague collection development and selection policy is pointless. We want to know if the library board will vote for or against targeting youth with pornography.”

The petition requests the board take a roll call vote on the following five issues:
1. Reclassification of Youth-Targeted Pornographic Books into the adult section of the library.
2. Visual identification of explicit material with a parental advisory.
3. Restrict Library-generated Online Sexual Content.
4. Balanced Literature on Controversial Issues including homosexuality.
5. Children's Internet Protection – require the libraries to implement technology protection to protect minors from internet porn on public computers in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act.

Petitions are being signed at the public meeting tonight at Silverbrook Middle School, and can also be downloaded here

For more information call 1-866-910-2840 or visit http://wissup.blogspot.com.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WVCY reveals FOIA from West Bend City Hall on Library Issue

We watched WVCY "In Focus" tonight. They had done a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) open records request at the City Hall concerning the library issue yesterday and obtained nearly 400 pages of emails. What we heard them expose on the show last night was shocking, unprofessional, obstructive and, well, EMBARRASSING to the City of West Bend.

Emails exchanged between Mr. Tyree, the library board president Mrs. Engelbrecht, the city attorney, Mary Schanning, stated things such as:

What is the latest we have to announce the meeting date [with us}.... not ready to deal with the "media circus" (Board Pres. Mrs. E)

Contacted WBCC TV... "I am requesting the meeting NOT be taped.. " (Board pres. Mrs. E)

Referred to us and other complainants as "THOSE people" who go to CHURCH on Wednesday nights, so the meeting had to be moved to allow them to attend. (Really? I think people who are ATHEISTS would agree that PORN IS NOT FOR KIDS.)


Will post the link once it is up and you can listen for yourself. (Tech probs...will be posted later, check back.)

The representation of West Bend by these people is an outrage. This is OUR hometown and they are poor representatives of this wonderful city and the residents and business owners that call this their hometown, too. This information brought disgrace upon us all.

A sad day...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

West Bend School Board looking for a candidate, deadline nears

Anyone interested in joining the West Bend School District Board has until April 8 to submit an application.

Application instructions are available on the school district’s Web site, said District Superintendent Patricia Herdrich during Monday night’s School Board meeting at Decorah Elementary School.

Long-serving board member John Duwell recently announced his resignation from the board.

The board will interview candidates on April 27 and seat Duwell’s replacement at the May 11 board meeting, explained Patricia Herdrich, district superintendent.

The person selected will complete Duwell’s term and be able to stand for election in April 2010.
Applicants are asked to present to the board a letter of interest, resume and a written answer to the question: “The West Bend Joint School District is responsible for educating all of the students within our community well for their future. How will you ensure that your decisionmaking is based on the best interest of all of the students we serve?”

The West Bend School District Web site address is www.west-bend.k12.wi.us.

West Bend School Board Candidates Questionnaire On Line

An informational questionnaire that was given to the four school board candidates is now posted here:


The current candidates are:

1. Kris Beaver (incumbent)
2. Carl William Knepel
3. Randy Stark
4. Tim Stepanski

Be informed on April 7th!

West Bend Citizens go ahead with meeting despite refusal of Library Board/Director


WEST BEND, WI: Though the West Bend Community Memorial Library director, Michael Tyree, has cancelled the meeting to discuss pornographic books in the Youth section of the library, concerned West Bend citizens will still be holding the meeting at the same place, same date and same location.

Excerpts from the explicit, graphic, and pornographic materials will be read and displayed for parents and other taxpayers to see what is in the West Bend Library. Parents are strongly urged NOT to bring children to this meeting. We will be explaining what has taken place and what we are asking for in a very clear and concise manner.

Open mic time will be provided for any community members who wish to express their viewpoints, both for or against our complaint with the library, that being the offering of explicit, graphic, pornographic books for minor children.
Time will be limited to 3 minutes.

For more information call 1-866-910-2840.

West Bend woman shares opinion on library issue

Maria Hanrahan discusses her opposing viewpoint with Morning Show host Bob Bonenfant.

Listen to the interview on WBKV aired yesterday (03/23) here in its entirety:


Monday, March 23, 2009

Rose Fernandez video gives solid info


Sunday, March 22, 2009

NY City pulled " DEAL WITH IT " book from 371 school libraries citing RACY, RAUNCHY

This is one book we are vehemently contesting at our public library:

(Curtsy to SafeLibraries)

The three R's in education were almost racy, raunchy and risqué.

Embarrassed city Department of Education officials yanked an eye-popping book from 371 middle and high schools because it contains sexually graphic material - including crude street language - that somehow landed on the recommended reading list for students.

The 300-page book - "Deal with It! A Whole New Approach to Your Body, Brain and Life as a Gurl" (Pocket Books) - has chapters called "The Boob Files," "What's Up Down There" and "Mystery in Your Panties."

Department spokeswoman Margie Feinberg said the sexual primer was mistakenly put on the list of suggested classroom library books and was delivered to schools. But she emphasized that the book was ordered removed before classes started last month because it was deemed inappropriate for adolescents to read.


The authors call masturbation the "ultimate safe sex" and say while it's not talked about as much, girls play with their private parts as much as boys. There's also discussion of sex toys.
It tweaks the "double standard" in society that it's OK for boys to have premarital sex, but not girls.

Parents were outraged.

"Who was the genius who purchased this book? Didn't they look at the book before they ordered? This shows they don't know what the he** they're doing," said Queens parent Carmen Santana, whose 12-year-old attends middle school.

"It's disgusting. It's so insulting. It uses ghetto language."

Even students were surprised that the popular teen book made the public school reading list.
"Some of it is X-rated. Only mature people should read it," said Christina Rosario, 17, a senior at Stevenson HS in The Bronx who bought her own personal copy at a bookstore.

"It talks about sex and all the positions."

Saturday, March 21, 2009

SafeLibraries posts on broken trust in West Bend

The West Bend Community Memorial Library, West Bend, WI, has refused to honor its materials reconsideration policy in a possibly illegal manner. It agreed to review a citizen's complaint under that policy, the review was underway, then it stopped the review based on the recommendation of someone from the city government. The city attorney is not on the library board, yet the attorney claimed that certain statements made by the citizen outside the library were tantamount to a withdrawal of the request for reconsideration, and the library relied on that to stop the review midstream.


Found this interesting quote from the American Library Association:

"As for obscenity and child pornography, prosecutors and police have adequate tools to enforce criminal laws. Libraries are not a component of law enforcement efforts...." Source: American Library Association.

I see. Hmmmmm... So kids can't buy porn mags or step foot in an "adult" book store until they are 21 (in WI), but they can get it for FREE at our local library?

Makes sense to ME! :::::rolling eyes::::::


"Parents who would tell their children not to read Playboy 'don't really care about their kids growing up and learning to think and explore.'"Judith Krug, ALA Director of OIF, Citizen, 9/18/95.

YIKES! :::::shaking head sadly:::::


West Bend Library policy validates complaint


What I find interesting is that the only directive for a complaint is that it must be a "written explanation" - and that a form is available upon request, but not that the form is "required." This would essentially mean that when we gave the library our original letter (which we were told was not sufficient and required the accompaniment of the "official form") and additional information (trying to be helpful, giving good explanations and excerpts), this should have been totally acceptable, if we ARE truly following the policy. We are, aren't we? Or are we making up rules as we go along?

West Bend Library REJECTS citizen complaint

Click here: www.wissup.blogspot.com

Friday, March 20, 2009

Citizen RESPONSE to WB Library

For Saturday morning West Bend News coverage, click HERE.

Dear Mr. Tyree,

We received your email with your requests to begin the complaint process over again as well as your cancellation of next week's board meeting on the 26th.

Let us reiterate:

To date, this is what we have done:

1. We sent an original letter outlining our concerns about the homosexual materials in the library as well as on the website.

2. You could not accept our letter as a complaint unless we filled out the "official form", so we complied and resubmitted the letter with the form. Keep in mind, we did not reiterate every point on the form as it was not possible. The letter with the complaint form should have sufficed.

3. We complied with Step 1 of the complaint procedure, meeting with the Young Adult librarian, Kristin Pekoll. We went over our complaints and brought along additional books that contained not only homosexual porn, but heterosexual porn. We explained that we additionally had issues with the list of books containing sexually graphic and pornographic. Attached is a copy of the minutes of our meeting with this librarian. Following that meeting, we were invited to move on to Step 2 off the complaint process.

4. We complied with Step 2 and met with yourself. We went over the same issues again with you. You explained to us that, while you understood our concerns, you could not really move the sexually explicit books to the adult section (as sexually explicit was our opinion and librarians do not have opinions). You also stated that you would not set the books in a separate section as no other library practiced that; therefore, you were not interested in that procedure, either. As for balance, we were of the understanding that you were presently looking into some books that we had suggested, but could not make promises. At the conclusion of that meeting, you told us that the next step would be to meet with the library board.

5. You obviously clearly understood our requests. Since that time, we sent an "addendum" that included other sexually explicit books to add to the original list we provided to you. We did not feel this "altered" our request, since it was the same issue, just more books.

6. We never withdrew our request. We do not consider our request withdrawn simply because the City Attorney feels we "omitted" something on it, only to start the process over again in a rather ridiculous manner, book for book.

7. We complied with Step 3 of the process and met with the board, only to have the meeting cancelled because of a very large turnout and a room that was beyond capacity.

We would like to clarify that our original request stands. We made them clear in the letter and email communications, as well as the required library complaint form. The purposes of meeting with library staff were to engage in dialogue, which we did, and we were asked to clarify our position from time to time as we went through the process. To date, all of our issues have been addressed by your staff. Based on your responses to our meetings, there is no reason for us to believe that going through more staff meetings a second time would yield any different response from the staff. There is no point in breaking up the request into sub requests and starting all over.

We have been through this process once now and we have not withdrawn anything. All we have done is respond to your requests for clarification and more specifics, which we have done carefully and thoroughly.

We insist on our appeal rights as we feel your withdrawal of our complaint is in gross error. We wish to proceed with the staff decisions that have already been fully discussed.

03/21/2009 TODAY'S COVERAGE in WB News:

In their responding e-mail Friday morning, the Maziarkas called Tyree’s decision “the library board’s attempts to unilaterally withdraw our appeal without our permission and duck the issue that has now garnered much public attention so as to maneuver the issue out of the public eye and scrutiny with delay and the use of more private meetings with staff.”

“They know what is in these books and they know they will be shamed by any public airing of it,” Ginny Maziarka wrote to the Daily News. “We would like to clarify that our original request stands,” the Maziarkas wrote to Tyree.

West Bend Library REJECTS citizen complaint/CANCELS BOARD MEETING


I spoke with our City Attorney this afternoon about the Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form which you submitted on February 12, 2009. The original compaint objected to all books in the "Out of the Closet" category listed in the Young Adult section of the Library website. It did not object to specific books, only to the genre of books. Since the cancellation of the March 3, 2009 meeting, you have stated to the media, in blogs and to the City Attorney via email that you do not want to ban all of the books in the "Out of the Closet" category. The City Attorney interprets this to mean that your original complaint has been withdrawn. Ms. Schanning's analysis of what has been in the media, in blogs and what you have emailed to her is that you are now objecting to specific books within the genre.

For the Library Board to fully understand your Reconsideration Request to be addressed at the Board meeting, you will need to file individual requests about specific books that you object to and state reasons for your objection. These complaints will go through the normal reconsideration process which involves two meetings with Library staff before your requests can go before the Board. Thus, in order to provide time for the new Reconsideration Requests to proceed through the process, the Library Board meeting will not be rescheduled at this time. Instead, the Library will wait for the complaints to move forward before the meeting is scheduled.

Regarding the other issues that you raised in your initial complaint (such as relocating books within the Library, adding books to the collection from the perspective of ex-gays and removing or password protecting the website link), the City Attorney stated these are issues that do not necessarily require action on the part of the Library Board. Under normal Library procedures, requests such as these are handled by the library staff and library director. We can meet again to discuss your concerns on these issues and I can report the outcome of these discussions to the Library Board. Should the Library Board wish to comment upon any of these subjects they can request that I have these issues added to a Board meeting agenda.

Essentially, what is being requested is that you clarify your complaint and work through the existing process regarding any specific books which you object to.

Personally, it's important that I contact you with this information before you heard it from any other person or source.


Michael Tyree

Michael Tyree, Library Director
West Bend Community Memorial Library
630 Poplar Street West Bend, WI 53095
Voice: 262-335-5151, ext. 125
FAX: 262-335-5150


So we need to fill out a form for each and every book we are questioning. Again.

(View our response in next post.)

Supt. Pat Herdrich defends referendum at 9 a.m. TODAY on WBKV - Call-in show!

Superintendent Pat Herdrich will be discussing and defending the school board's proposed referendum questions up for auction on April 7.
Listen to her here - AM 1470 WBKV - at 9 a.m.
Thi s is a CALL-IN SHOW, so feel free to ask the HARD questions!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Perfectly Normal - Or IS it?

Is this for your 3rd through 6th grader? Your West Bend Library thinks so.


It's perfectly normal : a book about changing bodies, growing up, sex, and sexual health 1st ed. Harris, Robie H.
1 copy available at West Bend Community Memorial Library in Non-fiction


(Note: Books by this author actually suggest that the child use porn to become aroused, or to think "sexy thoughts" about their "geography teacher" while masturbating.)

One review reads "... librarians will find it well worth fighting for if, by some chance, the need arises."


West Bend Library - more imbalance - but we're not surprised

So, we found this intriguing...

The SHARE library system at the West Bend Community Memorial Library has books that shed positive light on Planned Parenthood (in the adult section), but.....hmmmmm....nothing that lends the truth to the PP agenda....

But we're not surprised.

An interesting article from Plan2Succeed.org -

Censorship- The ALA’s Bait and Switch Shell Game

Every fall the ALA has its annual “Banned Book” listing! Anyone who formally (meaning in writing) requests a book be removed and pursues this with the Library Board of Trustees is automatically labeled a “Censor.”

The ALA has in place the step by step procedures for handling these “censors.” By labeling a person, like me, a censor and making the issue a 1st Amendment question for debate and scrutiny in the public eye, the “censor” is locked in a fierce argument with the army of ALA backers including the ACLU, Playboy lawyers, average citizens, etc., who don’t want their 1st Amendment right stripped in the local library. This ploy leaves the inexperienced, lonely “censor” in the bait and switch game of citizens engaged in a “my rights vs. your rights” battle. As the argument makes the rounds on radio, TV, and newspaper, the library escapes the heat and the two sides become the issue …

When there is a justified reason to question a book (e.g., “Show Me”) for being in the children’s section of the local library, the heated debate may force the library to create its own in-house committee to review the material. (Note: There is never an independent review of the questioned material but the review is by librarians who are pledged to support the Library Bill of Rights. Once reviewed a recommendation may be given to the Board of Trustees for action. In our local library because of the books questioned while I was on the Board, the Trustees gave full authority to the hired Library Director to resolve the issue. But the end result predictably is: the material stays and is not removed unless there is a legal liability for the library, which is rare.

Ignored in the debate is the librarian who put the book on the shelf. The process of putting books on the shelf in library circles is called “Selective Review.” But in reality censorship may be taking place in the local library if the librarian is stacking the shelves with the ALA’s agenda. By labeling everyone who questions the “Selective Review” process a “Censor,” the librarian escapes the label and can continue to stack the shelves in favor of the ALA issues expressed at their annual meetings!

Business afraid NCAA games will cost them


In a company-wide memo, M&I Bank officials are reminding employees that they should not use their office computers to listen to music on the Internet or watch non-business streaming video.

The memo, which was obtained by the Journal Sentinel, comes as the NCAA men's basketball tournament begins Thursday. CBS Sports, which has the video streaming rights to the tournament, has a free service called March Madness on Demand that allows PC users to see any game live on their computer.

Business afraid NCAA games will cost them


In a company-wide memo, M&I Bank officials are reminding employees that they should not use their office computers to listen to music on the Internet or watch non-business streaming video.

The memo, which was obtained by the Journal Sentinel, comes as the NCAA men's basketball tournament begins Thursday. CBS Sports, which has the video streaming rights to the tournament, has a free service called March Madness on Demand that allows PC users to see any game live on their computer.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

West Bend resident/retired securities rep dishes on referendum

My thoughts exactly.

Neil and Barb Thompson nail it on the head.

OK, so now we’re down from a $100 million dollar referendum to an $80,785,086 million one. Boy, what a relief ! I am sure this really impresses the families that are in danger of losing their jobs, homes or the ability to pay their rising utility bills, grocery bills, gas bills, car payments, etc. Oh, by the way – get this: It’s only going to cost an additional $10 per month (based on a $175,000 home) on your property tax bill. Don’t forget, the cost gets higher if your home value is higher. Remember, this is a 20-year payback. You can be sure that within two years there will be another referendum, and so it will continue.

Has anyone figured that the incoming tax revenues are already showing signs of dropping? We would believe home and business failures are continuing in our community. In fact, the economy has worsened considerably since the November referendum was canceled. Unemployment, bank and company bankruptcy figures have sky-rocketed. Bailouts from the government keep coming and there is no end in sight. West Bend’s unemployment rate has soared to 10.3 percent.

If the School Board hadn’t taken the tactic of going for “all or nothing” in the original $200 million referendum (plus possible cost over-runs) and would only have addressed the most critical problems at that time, perhaps they would have had some success. The reasoning behind the “all or nothing” referendum was reported to be that district Superintendent Pat Herdrich and the board didn’t want to slight any of West Bend’s schools. This resulted in a 2-1 defeat. Well, they got “nothing.”

Our high schools were offered a $250,000 “gift” for a new fitness center. The catch was the board and taxpayers had to come up with an additional $300,000-plus to build it. The person in charge of the deferred maintenance fund offered to take a $225,000-plus of the budgeted maintenance money and use it for the fitness center. This seems to us like “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” This fitness center seems like pork.

MORE HERE: http://activepaper.olivesoftware.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=V0JETi8yMDA5LzAzLzE4I0FyMDA2MDA=&Mode=HTML&Locale=english-skin-custom

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poll on local WBKV website reveals community's voice - PLEASE VOTE

The community speaks.

Local radio station WBKV has added the question below to their poll. (Left-hand side of page on the bottom.)

As of 8:20 a.m.

Select a Poll Question Below

Should sexually graphic material available now to ages 11-17 at the WB Public Library be re-classified for adults?

Yes, plain and simple


No, hopefully parents will do the regulating




Vote on referendum issue here, too!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Even the animals are waiting for their stimulus...

I know it's kinda cheesy, but I couldn't resist.
Bearack Obearma -
Animals that were formerly self-sufficient are now showing signs of belonging to the Democratic Party... as they have apparently learned to just sit and wait for the government to step in and provide for their care and sustenance.


Please go to http://www.wissup.blogspot.com/ to obtain links from today's radio show on WBKV with Bob Bonenfant concerning the West Bend Library issue.

The show in its entirety will be posted on the WBKV website shortly. I'll include a link once it is up.

CLICK HERE www.wbkvam.com to listen to library interview with Bob Bonenfant.

Links to websites concerning WB Library issue...

IF you live in West Bend, Germantown, Hartford, Slinger and Kewaskum, this meeting is for you. If you live in Dodge, Jefferson, Racine, Walworth and or Washington County - you are part of the shared library system. TAKE NOTICE.


West Bend Library Home Page: http://www.west-bendlibrary.org/
Out of the Closet book recommendations on WB Library website: http://www.west-bendlibrary.org/yaglbtq.htm
ACLU statement: http://wissup.blogspot.com/2009/03/aclu-we-are-not-afraid.html and http://wissup.blogspot.com/2009/03/aclu-misinformed.html
WHY THE ACLU? http://wissup.blogspot.com/2009/03/agenda-exposed-aclu.html
KEWASKUM STATESMAN statement: http://wissup.blogspot.com/2009/03/kewaskum-statesman-refuses-to-share.html

WHAT WE ARE ASKING FOR: http://wissup.blogspot.com/2009/02/west-bend-library-thumbs-nose-at.html

Our requests are three-fold:
To bring balance to the YA Zone as well as the adult section of our library by providing faith-based and ex-“gay” books that oppose a pro-homosexual ideology .
2. That the book recommendation list under the name “Out of the Closet”, which brings a pro-homosexual connotation to the list, be renamed and include an equal balance of faith-based and ex-“gay” books that oppose a pro-homosexual ideology.
3. We are asking for the removal of “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “The Geography Club” for their explicit pornographic sexual nature. We have additionally requested "Deal With It!" be withheld, as it appears that it is in the works for our YA Zone.

Our Library’s policy, in part B, states that they will endeavor to acquire materials that “meet the community’s needs and interests.” We expect our public library to protect our children and empower parents to decide what their children can read.

EXCERPTS (WARNING! SEXUALLY EXPLICIT! Do not click on the "excerpts" links if you do not wish to view pornographic and sexually graphic material.)

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower: The entire book can be found here: http://www.wattpad.com/112156-The-Perks-of-Being-A-Wallflower-Stephen-Chbosky or select exerpts can be found here: http://www.librarypatrons.org/book.asp?ID=56
2. Deal with it! : http://www.librarypatrons.org/book.asp?ID=24
3. The Geography Club: http://www.librarypatrons.org/book.asp?ID=31

AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, policies 53.1.15, 53.9 and 53.12: http://www.ala.org/ala/aboutala/governance/policymanual/index.cfm#S2-53%20Intellectual%20Freedom
WISCONSIN STATE STATUTES: http://wsll.state.wi.us/topic/familylaw/childexpl.html

HELPFUL PARENTAL LINKS (gives excerpts of books that a parent may be questioning):
1. http://www.safelibraries.org/
2. http://www.pabbis.org/
3. http://www.librarypatrons.org/book.asp?ID=24 (our favorite)
4. http://www.coalition4families.com/site/ArticleComment.aspx?id=12045&rpid=4486

"How did we get here?" QUOTE read on the air by Dan Kleinman (view entire article here): http://www.metrovoice.net/www.metrovoice.net/2008/0908_stlweb/0908_articles/whos_controlling_county_libraries.html

STATEMENT FROM WISCONSIN FAMILY COUNCIL: http://wissup.blogspot.com/2009/02/wfc-disses-west-bend-library.html

WBKV radio interview this morning

As promised, I'll be posting links to everything that was discussed about the West Bend Library issue on the WBKV radio show this morning with Bob Bonenfant. These links are for you to peruse and educate yourselves on the issue at hand.

Check back again in a little while for a new post.

Fernandez vs Evers debate THIS Friday 7 p.m.

This oughta be good.

A debate between the two candidates for Wisconsin state superintendent will be broadcast statewide Friday night on public television and radio.

Tony Evers and Rose Fernandez are running to be the next superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction. The election for the nonpartisan position is April 7.

Evers currently serves as the deputy superintendent. Fernandez is a leading advocate of virtual schools.

Current superintendent Elizabeth Burmaster decided against seeking a third term.

Friday’s debate between Evers and Fernandez begins at 7 p.m. and will be broadcast live by Wisconsin Public Television and Radio.

The superintendent governs Wisconsin’s public schools and administers state and federal aid.