Sunday, April 5, 2009

West Bend Referendum - Exposed

Couldn't have said it better.... WB News

With family values and a fiscally conservative position, Tim Stepanski has my vote for School Board on April 7.

I’ll also vote against both referenda costing $87.8 million with the bond interest. I’m concerned about the accuracy of the district’s “information” sessions regarding the referenda.

During 2007, the district insisted Barton Elementary could not be expanded (untrue, since eight classrooms and hallways could be added to the north side.) Why? If you fell for that, they might justify converting Silverbrook Middle School into a new Barton and build a twin middle school, which the public hated.

The district said Barton’s lot was too small.

Barton has 6.85 acres with an enrollment of 379 students or 55.3 students per acre.

On Feb. 23, the board voted to buy 6.38 acres in Jackson for a new elementary. Joe Carlson said there are 3-plus acres next to it they might also be able to buy. Even if it’s 3.99 acres more, it’s a 10.37-acre lot for 650 students or 62.7 students per acre.

Per the district in 2007, Barton is too crowded at 55.3 students per acre, but now it's OK for a new Jackson with 62.7 students per acre. Unbelievable.

The district criticizes New Berlin, even though New Berlin addressed all facilities needs without referendums. Residents vote based on the total tax bill. The district alleges a low mill rate for our schools. What they don’t say is that five years ago, New Berlin was No. 2 in taxes in Waukesha County. Their School Board noticed and did something about it. Today, New Berlin is No. 12 in taxes in Waukesha County, but West Bend is No. 2 in taxes in Washington County.

Electing Tim Stepanski on April 7 and voting down two overpriced referendum questions are votes for fiscal responsibility.

Jodi Williams West Bend

I couldn't agree more with Jodi Williams. I attended the candidate forum and applaud Tim's BOLD AND COURAGEOUS stance against the referendum. This speaks VOLUMES for his future on a school board who, as we already can see, will oppose Tim's voice for the community. TIM LISTENS and HE IS NOT AFRAID.

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