Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Washington County stands firm on conservative roots

I promised I'd make good on some commentary regarding the elections yesterday.

Let's just talk Washington County.

The solid conservative community we live in did exactly as I had predicted.

Predictions: Both ref’s will bite the dust - buh bye. Fernandez will surprise us with a superior lead over Dvers. Abrahamson will be purchasing plane tickets for a nice long permanent vacation. Cain will edge Grundahl with a small margin. Stepanski will stomp the other candidates.

Fernandez over Evers.

Rose Fernandez 13453 59.24%
Tony Evers 9226 40.63%

Koschnick over Abrahamson

Randy R. Koschnick 13461 58.23%
Shirley S Abrahamson 9642 41.71%

Cain over Grundahl

Steve Cain 7923 56.49%
John A. Grundahl 6048 43.12%

WB School Board:

Randall D. Stark 3973 23.80%
Kris Beaver 4737 28.38%
Carl W. Knepel 2600 15.58%
Tim Stepanski 5251 31.46%

REFERENDA: (Close, very close...)


YES 5632 47.13%
NO 6317 52.87%


YES 5971 50.31%
NO 5897 49.69%

Washington County is, has always been, known for it's very conservative stance. Though the state vote put Evers and Abrahamson on top, Washington County spoke loud and clear.

Putting Evers behind the driver's wheel of the DPI will give us more years of Libby Burmeister cloning. We can expect the public school systems to go head-first deeper into the liberal cesspool of life. Who endorsed Evers? Here are just a few...
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Wisconsin LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) PAC
  • Governor Jim Doyle
  • Senator Russ Feingold

That should say enough about Evers.

The referenda for the WB School District was pretty tight with Ques. #2. I thought that might happen as Badger could really use the TLC and we need to start "somewhere." Though I voted no on both, I am pretty content with the referenda turnout. The overall voice of West Bend on all the issues above backs what I have been saying over and over again:

We are a community that voted according to it's values; conservative, traditional, solid. We have spoken.

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